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White Label Training Systems

An Online Training System is known by many names - Learning Management Systems, LMS, Online Training Platforms and so on.  They can be expensive and complex, costing $100,000 and requiring dedicated in house support, or they can be simple and inexpensive.  We specialise in the simple and inexpensive end of the spectrum.
A White Label Online Training System is made by us and sold with another company’s brand, logo and identity. This allows other companies to offer their clients professional online training services.
Our White Label systems can be fully customised to meet your requirements or they can be off the shelf to meet budget requirements.  Most of all, our systems are developed to reliably deliver training to anyone, on any device, without assistance from any tech support or anyone else.
We currently have systems that deliver everything from fire and evacuation training through to Maritime Security Guards training.  The systems are also designed to be easy to integrate with other systems.   
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