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Other Industries – Online Induction Software

  • Risk Central develops Premium online inductions, multimedia training and videos for any industry or commercial sector which requires high quality online inductions or training. Our clients are typically in high hazard industries and or are spending large amount of time and money on induction training. Once clients uses our systems they would not do it any other way.
  • We produce our online inductions so they are easy for Sites and Trainees to use. Our Developers and Risk Consultants ensure that the multimedia online training content is concise, practical, easy to understand and engaging. 

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Past Work Includes :

Induction Software

Travel Security - High RIsk Countries - View Demo

PNG Country Induction - View Demo

Chemical Handling Induction - View Demo

Helicopter Passenger Induction - View Demo

Counter Terrorism Training - View Demo

Armed Robbery - Security Induction - View Demo


Example Online Inductions