Risk Central - Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

Risk Central – Risk Consulting – specialises in:

  • Risk register workshops and business risk profiles
  •  Risk assessments and quantified risk assessments
  •  Modelling risk
  •  Cost benefit analysis of controls
  • Designing and implementing enterprise risk management (ERM) systems

We specialise in large, valuable and complex risk problems :

Clients include the biggest organisations in high risk industries such as: aviation, health, mining, metal manufacture, explosives, counter terrorism, chemical, petrochemical, heavy industry, ports and power production.

Because our clients have high risk, high value problems they are only interested in objectively determining the most cost effective ways of ensuring that risk levels, and controls are acceptable and appropriate. Our methods and tools developed over the last 10 years ensure we are the best at delivering these effective and efficient risk solutions.

Online Inductions, Risk Management and Loss Prevention Training :

Our Risk Consultants review the content of every Online Induction module before development. Our Risk Consultants also specialise in developing content and scripts for Online Inductions, Risk Management and Loss Prevention Training.