White Label Induction Systems

Are you looking to extend the services you offer to your clients to include online inductions?  Well, you have come to the right place.
Many online service providers when they have a need to provide their clients with an online induction service end up with Moodle or some other software which has issues such as: hard to use, hard to customise, not reliable, expensive or requires dedicated in house technical expertise to keep running and troubleshoot.
Our systems are not expensive, simple, trouble free and designed to be easy to integrate with your systems.  We have been making induction systems for 10 years.  We know all the issues involved in delivering induction over the internet to all sorts of people, using all sorts of systems.  All this knowledge has been used to make online induction systems that can reliably deliver inductions to anyone without assistance from any tech support or anyone else.   
Moodle is a system built for Universities, not for Tradies and Miners.  It is free software but it still requires a lot of time and money to develop a Moodle solution.  And when it is done - it will be a big compromise.  Users will require lots of help to use the system and to overcome technical issues.  One of our systems will be cheaper to implement and cheaper to run. 
Contact us to discuss the options and costs.