Online Induction Software

Risk Central – specialises in:

  • Online Database Development
  • Online Training Systems

If you are looking for talented Software developers and Software designers Risk Central maybe able to help.

As you might already know – developing software has an incredibly high failure rate. If you don’t know – you should do some research into Software Project Failures. You will quickly find all sorts of incredible statistics and horror stories of software development gone wrong.

Our team can provide the following assistance with your big or small software project:

  • Understanding the problem that needs to be solved
  • Understanding the essential functions of any potential software system
  • Exploration of any existing software systems which may be fit for purpose and save you development costs
  • Software Design and Development of new systems that meet highly detailed and agreed functional requirements – on time and on budget.

If you have a major software development project we can help you manage the project risk. Risk Central has Risk Consultants with IT development experience and Software Developers with Risk Consulting experience.

We make our own software systems that we use in our business. So we know what you want out of the systems you use in your business.

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